Features and benefits of a Stannah Stairlift

Stairlifts are very simple to operate. In the end of either arm you have a very simple, intuitive control that’s perfect for people that have poor dexterity and it can easily be operated with either the fingers, the hand or even your wrist. When the stairlift gets to the top of the stairs it will stop itself automatically, the footrest will finish level with the top landing, the seat will then swivel either by operating the directional control in the end of the arm or by depressing a lever at the side of the seat so that it’s facing onto the landing.

Your feet are firmly on the landing at the top and you’ve got your two arms either side of you to push yourself up. When the seat is actually in that swivelled position it will also block the stairs behind you so there’s no danger that you can fall back down.

If a straight rail isn’t right for your home then we can custom make a curved rail. With a custom rail you’re going to get a much snugger fit, you’re going to maximise the space on the stairs for other users and you’re going to get a much more comfortable ride.

I think I wanted to¬†get a Stannah stairlift because his health isn’t all that good really, his knees are quite bad and his hips are quite bad so it was just to give something that would improve his quality of life really. We looked at some of the Stannah stairlift reviews online Sally actually rang me to tell me about it and I was absolutely gobsmacked, I just couldn’t believe it. What a thing to have, marvellous!

It’s certainly improved his knees, he’d said you know, within a couple of days it made such a big difference he could go up and down and his knees felt a lot better than they have done in years.

I’m very grateful to Stannah Stairlifts, it has made a great difference to my life and I hope it will continue to do so. I can recommend anybody else who’s in a similar position to me that it will make a difference to your life.

Stannah were very professional from start to finish, really nice company to deal with, yeah absolutely fantastic, 100% recommended