match furniture dark floors flooring

When you need to match furniture with dark floors it can sometimes be a daunting task but it really doesn’t have to be! Here, we will cover some great tips and tricks to help you match your furniture with dark floors like an expert. Here’s what you should know.

match furniture dark floors flooring

Chic & Sophisticated

Dark floors offer a rich sophisticated look to any room. But with the wrong furniture, these dark floors can make your space feel heavy and overly dark. Here’s how to keep the chic and sophisticated look of your dark floors with the perfect furniture.

For a harmonious look with your dark floors, it’s important to choose furniture with the same warmth of your dark floors but in a few shades lighter. Warm, rich floor colors pair well with wood furniture with light-to-medium toned woods like maple or cherry.  For black or grayish floors, choose pale, weathered woods for a cohesive overall look.

Luxury Legs

Contrasting colors aren’t always needed when choosing furniture to match your dark floors. Choosing wood furniture with legs that closely matches your dark floors is a great way to add an elevated level of elegance.

When choosing this design technique, it’s important to choose a lighter color for your walls. While your walls don’t necessarily need to be white, choosing a color with significant contrast to your dark floors will prevent your space from feeling heavy and smaller than it is.

Go Organic

For a more organic look that incorporates your dark flooring, mimicking the natural variation found in the forest is a great way to go. Using a mixture of light wood furniture paired with crisp white walls will give your space a light and airy feeling. Adding plenty of greenery accents will help complete this organic look.

Rich and Warm

For a rich and warm appearance without the heavy feeling, choose ultralight walls and a darker, patterned rug for your space. Kitchen areas with dark floors paired with white cabinetry and warm wood and bronze metals will maintain the feeling of elegance without a heavy feel to the space. For a more sumptuous look, choose to match furniture in neutral colors with greige walls and a gorgeous shaggy Moroccan rug.

How to Match Furniture and Dark Floors like an Expert

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