furniture you need in the home

Every house, every room needs furniture to function optimally. While some pieces like chairs and beds are obvious, there are other pieces of furniture that, though important, tend to be overlooked by most homeowners. Throwing these pieces into your house will not only make your room more functional and comfortable but also be proof to how keen you are on interior decor. Here are some of the most important yet neglected pieces of furniture you should have in your house.

furniture you need in the home

A Side Table

Every sofa needs at least one side table. The side table could offer a conventional surface for placing whatever you want and perhaps additional compartments for other things, for instance, books. A good side table will be around 24 to 36 inches high and can be of any design you want. Rule of the thumb: always ensure that your side table is slightly higher than the arm of your sofa.

The Occasion Chair

The occasion chair would be an ornate piece that is more of an accessory than it is a functional piece. It could easily be different from the rest of the furniture in the room and be ornate enough to draw attention to itself. Pull up such a chair to the table in the living room or dining table to seat an important guest. The occasion chair will add a bold decor statement and a unique taste of style to the house at all times.

An Upholstered Bench

A good bench will always add some taste to your home. It could be a simple bench at a free corner of your room or over at the porch or the dining table. You can always pull up the bench to the place you want to use it at. A good bench could be upholstered or just a plain but beautiful hard top bench that is as functional as it is realistic.

These simple pieces of furniture will not only make your house more functional but also add some taste to your decor. Since they are simple pieces of furniture, you can always find them easy to come by and easy to place in the area you desire.

What Furniture do You Need in Your Home?

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