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Shopping for antique furniture can be overwhelming-especially if you aren’t sure what to look for. Finding the best antique furniture is a breeze if you know what you are looking for. Here’s what you should know about finding the best antique furniture.

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What to Consider

Whether you simply love the beauty in older things or are optimistic that your new pieces will retain their value, there are a few things to consider. First-buy what you love. Antiques are meant to be appreciated, and if you don’t simply love it-keep looking.

Secondly, a great way to spot true value in the best antique furniture is with the use of the acronym RADAR. This stands for Rarity, Aesthetics, Desirability, Authenticity, and Really good condition. Finding these 5 features in one piece means it’s highly likely your potential piece will likely appreciate in value over the years.

How to Find the Best Antique Furniture

Rarity can be a bit tricky to discern. Here are some attributes to look for to know if a piece is truly rare.

  • Few originals made
  • Few originals still exist
  • Rare color or design for specific piece
  • Uncommon subject or style for specific artist or maker
  • Unusual size or shape
  • Reproducibility

Aesthetics are important on a personal level really. Often times, you may find a piece that you wish were missing a particular element, like artistic touches or handmade qualities. When you find a piece that appeals to you aesthetically, go for it.

Desirability is simply defined by whats currently trending in the market.

Determine authenticity by analyzing features of your potential piece. Look for time-period specific features, signatures from the artist or company, as well as, the specific type of material used within your potential piece. If your antique furniture fits within these specifications, it’s likely your piece is an authentic antique.

Really Great Condition is essential to finding the best antique furniture. Here is a breakdown of terms to help you discern how your potential antique piece stacks up.

  1. Mint Condition – this is a perfect piece with no chips, cracks, breaks, or other minor damages. This also means no repairs, missing pieces, and it has the original finish as well.
  2. Excellent Condition – this means the piece has minor flaws-perhaps a chip or flake that has been expertly repaired.
  3. Good Condition – this means your piece has suffered some damages and has been expertly repaired.
How to Find the Best Antique Furniture

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